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#7 Thousand

I was leaving the country in a month. . . I remember asking him for a 1000 photographs; to cherish and remember, the times we had together. I knew that it was too much to ask from a guy, who hated nothing more, than taking photos of himself. At first he said no, but afterContinue reading “#7 Thousand”

#6 White Lies

Praise and criticism are two sides of the same coin. I believe so, but when I see your puppy dog eyes and your long face, I just neglect the truth. I don’t want to hurt you anymore. I cannot bear to see you act like all is lost. All of the conversations lead to regretContinue reading “#6 White Lies”

#5 Go On Girl

Go on girl Go fulfill your dreams But not with an empty heart As tough as those hurdles may seem Not with your hopes should you part Go on girl Now don’t be blue Throw your worries aside For every stride, you must know Something brighter fate must bestow Go on girl Now don’t giveContinue reading “#5 Go On Girl”


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